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Underground Communication Vault at Eddy Street Commons

Underground Vault
Underground Vault
Underground Vault
Underground Vault



Services We Offer

Ferguson Michiana, Inc. is a full-service utility construction and installation company serving telecommunications, water and sewer companies.

Our full range of services includes designs, permitting, construction and maintenance of systems that include wired, co-axial cable as well as wireless systems. Our team of professionals also specialize in emergency resonse and service restoration.

Directional Driling Ferguson Michiana is a leader in directional drillling techniques used for underground pipes, conduits and cables. Our services allow for precision drilling with minimal discruption to the environment.

Aerial Cable, Pole Work and Duct Construction

Ferguson Michiana leads the industry in aerial and pole work with crews standing by to deliver top quality services, including:

  • Emergency storm damage repair
  • Up to 60-foot pole placement,
  • Installation and relashing of cables, and
  • Placing aerial fiber and copper cables.
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Duct Man

Direct Burial Cable-Fiber and Copper

Ferguson Michiana's full line of services ranges from plowing and trenching for burying cable, to relocation fo cables and duct runs.

The latest technology is used to install copper and fiber duct runs.

Vault, Manhole and Duct Construction

Ferguson Michiana is proficient at designing and installing comunication vaults up to 17-feet by 11-feet. In addition, Ferguson Michiana incorporates the latest techniques to place duct runs in citie with both rigid and HDPE poly and plastic pipes.

Various vault and drilling projects include:

  • Communication Vault at Eddy Street Commons at Notre Dame Campus,
  • 12-inch Water Main at Elkhart River,
  • 30-foot Bore to island at Bass Island Lake,
  • 12-inch Water Main near Paw Paw River.
Vault digs


  • Ditch Witch RT 55
  • Ditch Witch RT 70
  • Ditch Witch RT 75
  • Ditch Witch RT 95
  • Ditch Witch RT 5110
  • Ditch Witch RT 4110
  • Case 580 Backhoe
  • Mini Excavator
  • OK Champion Rodder
  • OK Chamption Retriever
  • Cable Jet fiber Machine
  • Greenlee Cable Puller


  • 33x44 Vermeer 33,000 Pullback Thrust
  • 24x40 Vermeer 24,000 Pullback Thrust
  • 24x26 Vermeer 24,000 Pullback Thrust
  • 20x20 Ditch Witch 20,000 Pullback Thrust (2)
  • Vermeer Mud Mixing System: 2,000 gallon capacity (2)
  • Drills have 1,000-foot total length pull back capabilities and 24-inch diameter pip pull back capabilities

For more information call (269) 461-6167

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