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Directional Drilling, Aerial, Underground, Cables & Duct

Ferguson Michiana Inc. is a full service utility construction contractor.
We take pride in the fact that we offer a comprehensive line of services to
a variety of utility and telecommunications companies.

Specializing in cable and duct construction for over 35 years,
Ferguson Michiana has a team of 40 fully trained, experienced
professionals working year round, often 7 days a week to meet
deadlines of this fast paced industry.

We provide specialized crews for a broad range of services including:

Directional drilling
Aerial cable and pole line work
Direct burial cable-fiber and copper
Duct rodding and cable placement-copper and fiber
Manhole (vault) and duct construction

Our constant attention to specific needs of utility and telecommunications
companies has afforded us the opportunity to meet many unique challenges.

Our decades of experience in utility and telecommunications
industries has allowed us to take the lead in meeting the evolving needs of these industries' unique challenges.

For more information call
(269) 461-6167

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